Monday, March 22, 2021


Update, July 14

With our region moving to the green zone, many people are wondering what are the new guidelines to follow at the Rosemère Veterinary Clinic, and justifiably so. This step towards a little more freedom is certainly welcome in this glorious summer season, however the Ordre des médecins vétérinaires, in its latest publication on the recommendations to be followed in connection with COVID-19, urges veterinarians to remain cautious.

In order to make your visit more human, we want to relax the procedures to be followed, while still aiming to protect you in the best possible way.

To that end, certain rules remain in effect inside, such as: 

  • Wearing a mask is still mandatory both for employees and clients.
  • Use of hand sanitizer remains mandatory upon entry and exit.
  • Only one family member will be allowed to escort our little patient inside.
  • The Ordre asks us to avoid being in close contact with our visitors for a prolonged period of time, which is why you will still be required to wait outside during the examination of your little one.
  • So as to respect physical distancing, we consider it important to continue restricting to four the number of people in the waiting room. This conforms with the newly authorized 1-metre social distancing guidelines.

What changes: 

  • You no longer need to call us when you arrive for your appointment. You can come in as usual, provided there are less than four people in the waiting room.
  • When the exam is completed, you will be invited to the examination room where we will give you a full report of your pet’s visit. 

Any tests supplemental to the exam (blood tests, X-rays or any other necessary diagnostic tests) will be carried out in the presence of the veterinarian and an animal health technician. The same will be true for the treatments to be performed.

We are conscious that these procedures will again require your cooperation, and we thank you for your understanding in this regard.

The pandemic has caused a slowdown in our operations, a delay in our preventive medical procedures and an increase in new patients, since many of you have found comfort through the adoption of furry friends. Our team is doing its best to meet this increased demand with a reduced staff, while still ensuring the quality of medical care is maintained. For this reason, we unfortunately cannot meet all the requests and must, when necessary, offer alternatives for the well-being of your pets.

We assure you that we are doing everything we can to be there for you during this time, as much as is humanly possible for our staff who are exhausted after this singular year. Your patience and understanding towards our staff members are appreciated. We are happy to gradually see you and your companions again, one step at a time.

We wish you a great summer! Have an excellent and well-deserved vacation with your fur babies!

The entire team of the Rosemère Veterinary Clinic

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